Two 4-8-4s to follow on GPS and Twitter today

UPDATE: Gee, I wonder who got off the train at Western Springs, IL. (Rank has its privileges, I guess . . .)


Original Post:

First, it was UP 844.

Then it was SP 4449.

Today, it’s both. No. 844 powers the Cheyenne Frontier Days train, and no. 4449 operates from Minneapolis to the Chicago area.


In a last-minute change, no. 4449 will maneuver around a clearance restriction by using the Indiana Harbor Belt from near LaGrange, IL, to the East Chicago area, then on to Michigan City, IN, where it will be added to the special train on Sunday morning. It’s going to be a long night for the 4449 crew; over 400 miles of running, servicing, then the detour. Let’s hope they get some sleep.