Photo Special to benefit Helmstetter farm

steve barry photo

Photo by Steve Barry.

Railfan & Railroad magazine editor Steve Barry is organizing a photo special to benefit John Helmstetter, who lost his iconic barn to fire recently.

A photo freight will be operated on Monday, November 9, to benefit the John Helmstetter Farm Fund. This limited-capacity trip will feature numerous photo runbys all along the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, including Helmstetter’s Curve. John Helmstetter will be the guest of honor on the train. The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad is operating the train at a very reduced rate as its contribution to John.

Highlights of the trip include:

* Numerous quality photo stops and runbys
* Limited capacity for great photo opportunities
* Photo locations trimmed of brush

Tickets for the trip are available for a $175 donation. Use the button at the right to order tickets.

Commemorative tickets will be sent for all $175 donations, even if you can’t be on the train.