5,700 entries added to Schedules archive

If you were looking at SteamCentral’s FriendFeed on Wednesday, you saw a flood of calendar updates. But instead of being about upcoming operations, they were for steam excursions and other operations going back as far as July 4, 1962, when Savannah & Atlanta 4-6-2 no. 750 steamed from Savannah to Camak, GA, on her way to her new home with the Atlanta Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

Why add a 1962 event to the calendar? Because the Schedules pages here have always had a dual purpose, both as a handy resource for upcoming steam operations, and as an archive of past events (see the 1999 – 2003 version of the site).

The recent additions include exhaustive records of the Southern Railway / Norfolk Southern steam program, including non-revenue ‘ferry’ moves; Ross Rowland’s High Iron Company operations with CP 1238, ‘CP 127(8)’, CP 1286, Strasburg 90, and Nickel Plate 759; and Nickel Plate 765’s movements from 1980 to today. Other additions aren’t quite as complete, and we’ll continue to add those records as they become available.

Why now? Until recently, navigating over so many decades in an online calendar was cumbersome. However, Google has now enabled new navigation features that make it much easier:

What does this mean for you? It can be a means to pin down the date of a particular operation, or fodder for exploration. For example, relive Southern Railway 4501’s original excursion operations in the summer of 1966, or a typical fall weekend in the late 1980s.

Subscribe to the SteamCentral calendar in your own Google calendar, enable ‘year view’ and ‘jump to date’ in Labs, and search away!