No longer just a bridesmaid

This time there won’t be a diesel-fueled hood ornament in the consist:

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is proud to announce that restored Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765 has been tapped to help celebrate Norfolk Southern’s 30th Anniversary. The locomotive will pull a special business train, operating out of the railroad’s terminals in Fort Wayne, Elkhart, and Muncie, Indiana as well as in Bellevue and Toledo, Ohio.

Excellent. Dates will be added to the calender when they become available. According to Rich Melvin, the trips will probably operate in July.

Norfolk Southern’s 30th anniversary is shaping up to be a big splash – Southern 630, 18 heritage-painted diesels, and now NKP 765.

So, anyone want to see N&W 475 in Hagerstown? Roanoke? Maybe meet 630 in Bristol?

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