NS 30th Anniversary updates and rumors

Additional detail about Norfolk Southern’s 30th Anniversary specials is beginning to trickle out, including more detail and updates indicating changes as the schedule matures. Here’s what we’ve heard in particular:

Multiple trips per day. Indications are that most operating days will feature at least two round trips per day. Details for each trip can be found in the Schedules. (If you have a Google account, do yourself a favor and add the SteamCentral calendar to your calendar.)

Additional trip destinations. It appears that, as the operating plan matures, there have been a few changes to trip destinations. Among these:

  • Williamson, WV: 765 will start each excursion day running east to the Devon area (known today as ‘Ought One’), turning on the Buchanan Branch wye. After returning to Williamson and executing its passenger stop, 765 will run west to Naugatuck, WV. (After the Sunday excursions, we understand that 765 will make a third trip to Devon to turn for its deadhead move to Conway, PA.)
  • Conway, PA: as above, 765 will start each excursion day with a trip to CP Bell near Pittsburgh, turning on the OC Bridge before returning to Conway. After the passenger stop, 765 will operate a roundtrip to CP Wood at Homewood, PA.

Horseshoe Curve. If the question “When’s 765 going to climb Horseshoe Curve?” isn’t trending in Google Search, it probably will be soon. Our Magic 8 Ball says early afternoon, August 20. (Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. Report any side effects to your doctor. Railfan Responsibly. Do not trespass.)

In addition to the information contained in the schedule listings, we’ll be updating this map as new information comes in:

View NS Steam movements 2012 in a larger map

Copy this map to your Google Maps and use it responsibly as you take in the sight of steam on Norfolk Southern’s 30th Anniversay employee schedules!