Fire Up 611!

And, it’s official.


“Since her retirement, rail fans have clamored, hoped and dreamed that she return to the rails, to blow her whistle and steam over the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains once again.

For many of us, the 611 doesn’t rumble, she breathes.

We long to hear her breathe again. With your help, it may be possible to bring her back to life.

Click here to learn about our plan to bring the 611 back to life.”

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There’s a long, informal back story to this effort which will probably be recounted one day, but for now just enjoy the moment.


L – R: Scott Lindsay, Preston Claytor, and Cheri George.


The Fire Up 611! Committee and VMT Executive Director Bev Fitzpatrick.

(Photos by Bob Lyndall.)

UPDATE: here’s the Trains magazine article, and the Roanoke Times article.