Follow along with NKP 765

Nickel Plate 765 begins its Norfolk Southern employee excursion itinerary today, and the crew have installed a GPS tracker for you to follow along. They’ve also kindly given SteamCentral access to the GPS output, and we’ve integrated 765’s last reported position into our NS Steam map.

The map should also work on your smartphone, so bookmark it for when you’re out enjoying 765’s journey.

(Thanks to Instamapper, Google Maps, and Prabu Surendra.)

And on to Knoxville

sou 630

Southern Railway 630 resumed its summer itinerary yesterday, moving from Roanoke to Bristol on its way to power employee specials in the Knoxville area.

We understand that the routing of those trips have changed while 630 was in Roanoke – instead of running from Sevier yard to Coster, apparently 630 will repeat last November’s Knoxville – Alcoa trips (with its diesels on the rear for the return trip). We’ll update when we have confirmation of the route. (Update: confirmed.)

630 will wrap up its outing with a Monday deadhead back to Chattanooga.

UP 844

While the detailed schedules aren’t posted at UP Steam yet, the UP 150 site lists the following dates for UP 844 appearances:

  • Des Moines, IA, for the Iowa State Fair August 8 – 12;
  • Grand Island, NE, for the Nebraska State Fair August 31 – September 3;
  • Boone, IA for ‘Pufferbilly Days’ Sept. 7 – 8;
  • Ames, IA for the ‘Ames Whistle Stop’ on Sept. 9;
  • North Platte, IA, for the North Platte Rail Fest Sept. 13 – 16;
  • Display in Ogden, UT, Sept. 22;
  • Display in Elko, NV, Sept. 23;
  • Display in Sparks, NV, Sept. 26;
  • Sacramento, CA, Sept. 29-30;
  • Display in Marshall, TX, Oct. 20 – 21;
  • and in Houston, TX, Oct. 27 – 28.

(There is also an Oct. 18 display on the calendar which may include UP 844 as well.)

Presumably 844 will move from Sacramento to Dallas via Cheyenne, but the schedule does at least allow for speculation that 844 might travel via Tehachapi. We’ll keep an eye on the dates and post them in the Schedules when they’re available.